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  • Periodontics
  • Periodontics

Succeed with our most sought after program: Salivary Diagnostics: The Future is Now!


  • Discover personalized periodontal medicine

  • Understand perio as the backbone of your practice

  • Learn how hygiene services can outpace doctor production

Event Summary October 18, 2013: Personalized Periodontal Medicine at The Cummings Center Boston, MA.

Impact Dental Solutions represented by Doug Thompson DDS, Diane Wilkins RDH Veronica Wambach RDH brought Personalized Periodontal Medicine to New England and the Boston area on Friday, October 18. For many it was their first exposure to salivary or molecular diagnostics and using information about periodontal  pathogens in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of periodontal disease.  Read more to hear more about the team's trip and the offices' biggest "A-hah" moments!

March 8-9, 2013 (Fri/Sat): Personalized Periodontal Medicine at the Rock Barn Golf & Spa Conover, N.C.

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Impact Dental Solutions will be in North Carolina March 8th and 9th , 2013

Personalized Periodontal Medicine

Advancing The Health of: Your Patients, Your Team, Your Practice

Dr. Doug Thompson

Sponsored by: Blue Ridge Kois Study Group

Fri. Sat. March 8-9, 2013 at the Rock Barn Golf & Spa Conover, N.C.

Courses Featuring: Personalized Periodontal Medicine


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Personalized Periodontal Medicine: The Future is Here! Advancing the Health of Your Patients, Your Team and Your Practice! This lecture is designed to introduce the practice of a “Personalized Periodontal Medicine” concept, featuring the use of salivary diagnostics. 

"Salivary Diagnostics and the New Science" Introductory Video

Salivary Diagnostics: The Future is Here!

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This video is not meant to replace a Lecture Series Course or a Workshop Course but it does provide a brief overview of the “Personalized Periodontal Medicine” concept. This presentation is about the importance of developing a sound periodontal protocol. It describes the use of salivary diagnostics to assist with periodontal diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance. Providing the structure to implement a well defined periodontal protocol produces healthier patients, a healthier practice, and healthier teams. This condensed presentation is free of charge, 83 minutes in length, and includes an optional multiple choice comprehension exam.